• We have a dedicated Safety Manager. Our Safety Manager returns in 2016 for his 8th season. The position entails ensuring that medications, and all river equipment exceed industry standards and are in good working order. In addition, our Safety Manager ensures that all staff are well versed in it’s use. Additionally, things like evacuation points and radio procedures are all tasks that need a dedicated person in charge of. Alpine Rafting is the only company to employ a dedicated safety manager.
  • Our Gear – You can’t be concerned about Safety if your gear isn’t top quality. At Alpine we pride ourselves on top quality gear. From our fleet of candy red rafts to all the clothing we gear you up in – we make sure you are well dressed and comfortable for your day on the river.
  • Daily Guide Meetings – Before heading to the river, our Guide Team has a safety meeting to go over the day’s roster in detail and anticipate problems before they occur
  • Safety Briefing – Before each and every trip (whether you like it or not!) we have a safety briefing which is always lef by one of our most senior guides. The briefing covers anything